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ARH 4352 BAROQUE ROME -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPRING SEMESTER 2012 DR. WESTIN, FAC 201 M-4, W-4-5 periods: (10:40- 11:30 & 11:45-12:35 ) OFFICE HOURS: Dr. Westin's Office Hours: FAC 119A MW 3rd & 6th periods, 9:35- 10:25 am & 12:50-1:40 pm and immediately following class or by Appointment.) This course covers Art of the Baroque in Rome. (from c.1564- 1750). We will study major artists and general stylistic developments of this period. TESTABLE WORKS OF ART WILL BE SENT TO STUDENTS BY E-MAIL PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY SO AS NOT TO DISTRUB OTHERS. TEXTS: Robert H. Westin, The Baroque in Rome The syllabus is required for the lectures and is available at Target Copy Campus, Open 24 Hours, 1412 West University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida, 32603, Phone (352) 376-3826. Please bring it to class each day. Recommended text: Howard Hibbard, Caravaggio,1985. Howard Hibbard, Bernini, Penguin, 1990, http://textbooks.org/find/?isbn13=0064301281 FINAL RESEARCH PAPER PROJECT: 20% of final grade. Each student should do a compare and contrast research paper for this class. The paper should be at least 10 pages, plus footnotes, bibliography and illustrations. E-mail with more info will be sent. PAPER PROJECT IS DUE by end of class: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 TH , No late papers accepted. Papers handed back at Second Exam. Art History majors and Graduate students expected to do more. 2 EXAMS: There will be FIRST EXAM AND A SECOND each equal to 35%. Exam Format: Terms 20%, written short answers. Slide IDs. (40%) Name of artist and title
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