Spring 2012ARH10001930MASTERPIECES OF ART - Art History ARH...

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Unformatted text preview: Art History ARH 1000 Syllabus SPRING SEMESTER 2012 Robert Westin Professor University of Florida Email address: [email protected] Office telephone: 352-273-3068 Office: Fine Arts C 119 OFFICE HOURS: Dr. Westin's Office Hours: FAC 119A MW 3rd & 6th periods, 9:35-10:25 am & 12:50-1:40 pm and immediately following class or by Appointment.) Instructor: Dr. Robert H Westin, TAs for this class will be: Ashley D. Lowery" [email protected] MacKenzie Moon [email protected] Catalogue description: Masterpieces of Art; 3 credits; lecture Provides an appreciation and foundation in visual literacy; introduces the special character of the visual arts, and provides a critical vocabulary for its analysis and interpretation. Detailed course outline: Syllabus: See below. This class examines art from cave paintings to the present. We will examine the art of India, China, Japan, the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific, or in short, world art. The goal is visual literacy of art as it evolves and develops into the modern art of today The course is designed for non-art history majors. You should be able to learn to identify and analyze key art historical elements and be able to apply what you learn in later courses in the discipline. The study of non-Western art requires different methodologies from the study of the arts of the West, and for that reason you will be exposed to alternative ways of looking at the arts of the world. Lectures: Lectures will be available on the internet at the UF web site: http://lss.at.ufl.edu Under "E-Learning System. Material covered in lecture will also be available in a course packet. Notes should be taken on lectures. Students will be required to do course reactions in the form of Journal and discussions web postings as well as reactions postings to other students. Exams: Weekly quizzes will be given using multiple choice formats. Justification: Introduction to art appreciation for a general, non-major audience. Masterpieces of world art from cave paintings to the present are presented in chronological order. This class can not be counted for major. (H, N). The Purpose of the class is to teach visual literacy to a general audience. Support: UF has a faculty member who is well qualified to teach this course, and the UF library has ample resources pertinent to the course. Frequency: The course may be offered every semester. Explanation of any duplications or overlapping of course content : Portions of this course may overlap slightly with ARH 2002 Introduction to Art: The Artistic Experience which focuses on the experiencing art by examining different ideas, approaches and purposes of art, whereas this class focuses on select masterpieces.....
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Spring 2012ARH10001930MASTERPIECES OF ART - Art History ARH...

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