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RUNNING HEAD: APPLE CASE STUDY 1 Apple Case Study Lachele Hardic 4/29/2011 Bus 499 Strayer University
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Apple 2 Apple Case Study Apple Computers, INC started out rough failing in their attempts to get the business going with their own personnel computers geared toward hobbyists. The Apple I was met with mixed responses but the Apple II took off, the first computer with color graphics and a sleek casing . U nfortunately competition came fast and their next generations flopped. After a disagreement sent one owner in a different direction the company slipped even further though after many years the owner wound up back in the driver’s seat with new ideas flowing, the Macintosh computer, apple iPod, iPhone and TV became instant hits throughout the U.S. and in many countries around the world. Many Strategic Challenges face Apple ; as their popularity declines many substitute products have been put on the market in order to take on their share of the market. The biggest one is cost ; most A pple products are premium cost but are usually well worth the money spent. With their excellent customer Service and innovative ideas not many blinked at the cost. However as Apple tries to start up in different markets and is challenged by competitors pricing will be a big factor on the consumer mind. The Strategy of entering new markets may cause them to falter . Most business es that tries try to have a hand in every pot tends tend to lose focus on quality and innovation. Straining to develop new products in different areas can lead investors away from the company if they feel consumer interest is waning. Differentiation in products is has become harder as more competitors beginning making similar products at a cheaper cost that form the same basic function. The IPod now has many MP 3 players to compete with some with the same features and some that are more user friendly. With the launch of the Ipad last year many Japanese company’s companies
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