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Motorola Case - RUNNING HEAD : MOTOROLA, INC 1 Motorola,...

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RUNNING HEAD : MOTOROLA, INC 1 Motorola, Inc Case Study Lachele Hardic 5/13/2011 Bus 499 Motorola, Inc. Motorola started out as Gavin Manufacturing. Originally the company focused on Handie- Talkies for the Military offering one of the few two way radios of its time. Overtime Gavin manufacturing moved from government to personal phone systems and has since become one of the top mobile, internet and device sellers in the United States. Motorola has three main divisions; The Home and Networks Mobility segment, The Enterprise Mobility sement and The mobile device segment, that yield between 12 and 42 percent profits for the company
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respectively. They were the first to mass-produce semi-conductors and were one of the firsts to come up with radios (pagers) and phones that worked without the need for a car battery. But have been struggling to keep up with changing technology in recent years. Motorola has many opportunities and threats in their line of business. Mobile Internet Devices are threatening to take the market share for mobile devices from Motorola. Motorola has the history and capability to engineer a better way of making these devices and the innovative desires to outpace their competitors in this market, due to diversification, the economy and high manager turn over their productive attitude has slowed. Motorola has invested in the WIMAX technology that has the ability to support high-speed data and has a large radius. This opportunity could push the company back to the top of the mobile device business. Factors threatening
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Motorola Case - RUNNING HEAD : MOTOROLA, INC 1 Motorola,...

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