Bus508assign2 - Running Head DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGIES 1...

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Running Head: DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGIES 1 Diversification Strategies Assignment 2 Lachele Hardic Dr. Michael Finn Bus 508 Contemporary Business 10/30/2011
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General Mills and General Electric are two companies that have attempted to diversify their business. While General Electric had some up and downs it has surpassed many with its multiple company divisions. General Mills on the other hand failed to bring profit from a diverse business. General Mills was incorporated in 1928 specializing in cereal and flour products their core business is consumer food. General Mills is a large company with markets all over the world, which includes over 43 different brands and 10,660 employees. With many memorable characters and wholesome food, many of their products such as ready to eat cereals and yogurt run 1 st or 2 nd in their respective markets with global net sales around 14.8 billion , 2.7 billion in the international markets for fiscal year 2010. General Mills sells in retail stores and has a website dedicated to providing information to the public. Investors, suppliers, and partners can access their information through the main website. General Electric (GE) was established in 1892 when Edison General electric and Thomas-Hudson Company merged from two independent companies. From its start, General Electric was a diverse company with businesses in lighting and transportation, Innovation has always been the forefront of companies focus. GE has investments all over the world, growing
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Bus508assign2 - Running Head DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGIES 1...

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