Bus508assign5 - Running Head FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 1...

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Running Head: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 1 Financial Management Assignment 5 Lachele Hardic Dr. Michael Finn Bus 508 Contemporary Business 12/11/11 Financial Management
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Google’s mission: Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Using innovative online applications, search engines, and web browsers Google has concentrated on making online interaction easier and faster. From Google Chrome for fast browsing to Gmail that offers fast and secure e-mail Google’s company is all about getting the customer what they need and as fast as possible. Google’s management is laid back and open to suggestions. Every week the entire building holds a Friday meeting in which they can ask questions or give feed back or ideas. In Google’s culture, every team works with every team throughout the day whether at lunch or when the inspiration hits. Managers hire for availability rather than experience and the atmosphere is busy but not hurried. Google had regularly come up with new ideas on how to make a customer’s experience safer, quicker, and easier. Each new Google technology ads to the last and the servers are constantly updating to avoid slow connections or lack of relevance in ads and searches. Thanks to innovation, most people say “Google it” even when using a different web search engine like yahoo. Microsoft, on the other hand, has its business currently split into eight business divisions that for a more focused innovation. Their focus is on business solutions and finding the best way to serve the customers.
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Bus508assign5 - Running Head FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 1...

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