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Team F Group Project 1 Team F Group Project Exercise 16: The Older Worker Questionnaire By: Lisa Phillips; Patricia Rillera; Javier Rodriguez; and Charles Williams Class: HRMG-3001-3/MGMT-3003-3 Human Resource Management Instructor: Sandra White Walden University Date: January 24, 2012
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Team F Group Project 2 Abstract: Group F was given a 20 question questionnaire regarding age and the workforce. Working together we were able to answer all the questions and reach a conclusion. This paper will list each question, our true or false answer, and information to back up each answer. As our workforce is continuing to age, it is important for us to recognize these questions and answers. After answering our questionnaire, it is obvious to see that our workforce is growing in age. With our current economic situation it is obvious to see that the elderly needs to continue to work to support themselves. Retirement at age 56 is no longer a possibility and we can see why companies want to keep their aged workers over new hires. We are hoping this paper will open people’s eyes to the loyalty and quality in our aging workforce.
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Team F Group Project 3 Introduction: Team F was giving a true or false questionnaire regarding the older workers. There are twenty questions throughout the questionnaire and it seemed like some of the questions could be combined. So you might read a repeat answer or we referred to an answer already stated. After discussion we found only three questions were one or two group members disagreed on the answers, but we finally reached a conclusion. Below are the questions and our detailed answers. After the twenty questions will be our conclusion about the questionnaire and our current workforce. 1. Younger workers tend to have higher job satisfaction that older ones . False, as our population is growing older and our workforce is retiring, our HR managers are being “faced with significant challenges in replacing them with workers having the capabilities and work ethic that characterize many mature workers in the United States” (Mathis & Jackson, 2011, 2009, p. 94). There is a huge difference between older workers and younger ones. Older workers have more experience and knowledge then the younger ones. Also older workers take their time and apply their all into everything they do. The older workers tend to show their loyalty to the organization by demonstrating commitment and sacrifice where the younger ones are usually looking for the next best thing. 2. Employees aged 50 – 65 uses on average about an equal amount of healthcare as those in their 30s and 40s. This can be true and false. Employees aged 40 through 65 spend around the same amount on health care. It is those who are under 39 that spend less. “The average health care expense in 2002 was $11,089 per year for elderly people but only $3,352 per year for working-age people (ages 19-64)” (Stanton, 2006, p. 3). “It found that 8 percent of health care expenses occurred
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