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Group Project guidelines

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Group Project #2 Assignment: Team Debate: Teams E and F will each take the position of the arbitrator and will present their case based on the questions in the team debate guidelines. Teams E and F will work independently of each other. Post your teams finding by Day 4 (Week 6). During days 5 – 7 the arbitrators will evaluate each team’s position. The arbitrators will post their response as a direct post in the forum by Day 7. Arbitrators may ask questions of either side to aid in their decision. Team Guidelines: We will use NKOMO 97 Case – The Give Back: A Case of Union Busting – page 279 – as the foundation for the team debate. Teams E and F: you are the arbitrators who are seeking the truth and a workable solution. Each arbitrator teams work independently of each other. In other words, Team E reaches its decisions; Team F reaches its own decisions. Use these criteria to fulfill your role:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Evaluate the merits of each side’s position. Have they clearly presented their case? Should the union remain intact or should the employer have its way? Why? 2. What is the fairest position on the wage and incentive standards? Why? 3. The employer and the union have opposing views of the amount of increases for the employees. Based on the perspectives presented, which side wins an award or would you propose an alternative? Why? I have a few questions as to when we are to post our findings. I have asked the instructor and I am waiting for the response. By the end of this week, I should have a response. So I will be posting our timeline then, also posting the case for Nkomo. I hope this has started our project on the right note this time. I look forward to hearing your responses on roles soon....
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