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Schedule of Assignments

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Schedule of Assignments HRMG 3001/ MGMT 3003: Human Resource Management The schedule below lists activities and assignments for each week of the course. Use this schedule to keep track of the assignments due in each week. Due Days Discussions: Original postings to Discussions are required by Day 3 of the week. Responses to Discussion postings are due by Day 5 of the week. Points may be deducted for late postings or for late responses. Applications: All Applications, except the Reflection in Week 6, are due to the Dropbox by Day 7 of the week in which they are assigned. The Reflection in Week 6 is due on Day 5. Group Case Study Project: The Group Case Study Project is due in Week 2 on Day 7 Individual Case Study Project: The Individual Case Study is due in Week 3 on Day 7. Midterm and Final Exams: These exams should be completed by Day 7 of the week in which they are located. Click on the links below to jump to the assignments for each week. Click on the Term Calendar under the Course Home to view course dates. Week 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
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Schedule of Assignments - Schedule of Assignments HRMG 3001...

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