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HRMG3001/MGMT 3003 Turnover Exercise – Due Day 4 in the Discussion Area Situation: Senior management is concerned about the turnover of employees and is considering adding a tuition program in order to stimulate retention. As the HR Manager for your organization you have been asked to provide the senior management team with turnover costings for the highest turnover positions in the organization. You should show your calculations so they will better understand the process of how to calculate turnover and analyze the factors involved. A. To complete this task, log on to http://www.nobscot.com/library/calculator.cfm This Web site assists organizations by providing tools and services in the area of retention management. Use the following information to calculate the turnover costs for
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Unformatted text preview: each of the positions. 1) Machine Operator Target Positions: 250 # of Terminations: 85 Average Wage Rate: $11.50/per hour Cost of Benefits as a %: 28% Turnover Cost as a %: 33% 2) Accountant Target Positions: 50 # of Terminations: 18 Average Wage Rage: $3,500/per month Cost of Benefits as a %: 30% Turnover Cost as a %: 100% 3) Vice President of Marketing Target Positions: 5 # of Terminations: 2 Average Wage Rate: $8,500/per month Cost of Benefits as a %: 40% Turnover Cost as a %: 350% Questions: 1. What is the cost of turnover for each of the positions, as well as the overall cost to the organization for employee turnover in these jobs? 2. What is your perception of the outcomes?...
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