Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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HRMG 3001/MGMT 3003: Human Resource Management Team Case Study Checklist Week No. 2 Team Name: Date: Individual Member: Nkomo, et al., Assigned Case Study: Points Possible (200) Points Earned (Actual) INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION (100) Timely Posting 20.0 Quality of Content (3 paragraphs of applicable content) 70.0 Appropriate Citation and Reference List (Minimum 1) 10.0 Total Points Earned as Individual Contribution (100) TEAM PRODUCT (100) Introduction and Purpose 10.0 Current Practices – Specific to Case Organization 25.0
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Unformatted text preview: HRMG3001/MGMT 3003 • Identified Issues 25.0 • Recommendations 25.0 Mechanics and Quality of Writing (writing flow, grammar, paper format, spelling) 5.0 Outside Research: Citations and Reference Page ( Quantity & Quality of Sources , APA Style ) 10.0 Total Points Earned as Team Product (Instructor reserves the right to deny a grade to any student whose work is insufficient to accomplish the project.) (100) Total Points for Assignment 200.0 Comments: Ver. 7.30.07 HRMG3001/MGMT 3003...
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