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Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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WK2_DQ_PhillipsL Answer the following Questions: 1. What legal statute(s) apply in this case? Two legal statutes that can be applied to this case is: (1) the violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act with “identifies discrimination on the basis of religion as illegal”; and (2) wrongful termination. 2. What issue(s) must the court decide in this case? The court must decide whether Elaine Mobley was wrongfully terminated due to religious discrimination, or was the Virginia Health Department just in their decision to terminate Elaine Mobley employment. 3. If you were the judge, how would you rule? Did the employer discriminate unlawfully? Why or why not? As the appointed judge, I find making a decision in the case very difficult as important information is left for me to assume. The plaintiff has brought this case to the courts attention looking for justice. The plaintiff claims that she was wrongfully terminated because of her whistle blowing on religious discrimination. This is a strong acquisition against the defendant the Virginia Health Department. Below I have listed what evidence has directed me to the decision in this case. The following statements/evidence was made by the plaintiff Elaine Mobley. I was a social worker with the “Virginia Health Department’s child abuse program for two years”. After working for
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