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NKOMO exercise 28

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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NKOMO: Which Employee Should Be Terminated? (p 91 – 92) SITUATION: The Stanton Title Insurance Company was founded in 1964 by Harvey Stanton to sell title insurance policies to buyers of real estate. The company works closely with a group of about 35 layers who, although they do not actually but the title insurance policies, encourage their clients (the property purchasers) to do so. When the company was originally established, Stanton was its only employee. As company sales increased, new employees were hired, and now 23 individuals are working in various capacities for the firm. Stanton has always followed the policy of making all major decisions himself. This includes all personnel decisions such as determining who should be hired and how much they should be paid. (p 91) Exhibit 2.4 Havey’s Evaluation of Individual Job Performance for Title Examiners for Last Year Title Examiner Current  Salary Work Quality Work Quantity Knowledge of Job Dependability Cooperativeness Rick Feinberg $56,500 Excellent Good
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NKOMO exercise 28 - NKOMO Which Employee Should Be...

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