Week 3 Discussion Post

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Week 3 Discussion Post: WK3_DQ_PhillipsL This week we are asked to look five employees and make a determination as to which one should be terminated. Termination can happen for several reasons, one is discipline. “Often, disciplinary occurrences are seen differently by managers and employees. Whereas managers may see discipline as part of changing workers’ behaviors, employees often see discipline as unfair because it can affect their jobs and careers” . Termination would seem like a fairly easy task, however our book points out many problems with terminating an employee. “Following termination the HR professionals and managers may be faced with wrongful termination claims and lawsuits”. For this reason it is important for HR managers to keep consistent records and documents on termination and the reasons for termination. With this being said I have made the following decision on which employee to terminate. Rick Feinberg is the employee that I choose to be terminated or asked to accept an early
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Week 3 Discussion Post - Week 3 Discussion Post:...

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