Week 3

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Week 3: Staffing the Organization Introduction: This week you will study the importance of workflow analysis and business process re-engineering, and how job analysis has both legal and behavioral aspects. You will also examine both internal and external recruitment and the conditions to consider when deciding which type to utilize. Lastly, you will be introduced to the process for selecting and placing human resources for both person-job and person-organization fit. Recall a time when you were organized into a team in order to complete a specific task. Did you feel that your job had more meaning when you were working within a team? Was your team able to work more productively together than each person might have as an individual? Learning Outcomes By the end of this week, you will be able to: Discuss four job analysis methods and explain how they have both legal and behavioral aspects Describe the advantages and disadvantages of internal versus external recruiting Describe why selection and placement must consider both person-job and person-organization fit Identify three types of selection tests and legal concerns about their uses Differentiate several types of selection interviews and identify common interview biases
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Reading Course Text: Human Resource Management Chapter 4, "Workers, Jobs, and Job Analysis" In this chapter, you will examine workflow analysis and business process re-engineering as approaches to organizational work. You will also be introduced to job design and the five design characteristics for jobs. You will study job analysis and the stages and methods used on the process. Finally, you will identify both behavioral and legal aspects of job analysis. Focus on the definitions provided throughout the chapter. Review and think about the examples and anecdotes provided in the chapter that illustrate the major ideas being conveyed. Many organizations have not completed a job analysis. How would you conduct a job analysis for such an organization? Consider your job and conduct a personal job analysis for your current position. Chapter 6, "Recruiting and Labor Markets"
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Week 3 - Week 3: Staffing the Organization Introduction:...

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