Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Unformatted text preview: Nkomo 96 Incident: Motivating and Maintaining Morale during Downsizing Motivation: The Rutledge Company is an organization involved in the retail industry, operating more than 100 retail stores. The company’s headquarters is going through what is termed “modernization”. A new information system, which will completely alter the way the firm does businesss, is being implemented. In addition, the new system will affect the staffing required by the company. The company began implementing the new software last year, and it is projected that at least another year is required before the rollout will be complete. All personnel within the corporate office, including the large clerical staff, attended a four – day, comprehensive computer training program and were told to immediately incorporate the new software into daily use. The completion of the rollout will primarily affect the clerical staff. It is the company’s objective to eliminate the majority of these individuals. The technology of the new software will enable all management – level personnel to majority of these individuals....
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