Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Termination: Causes for termination: “Other causes can be violation of company policies, sexual harassment, off – work criminal behavior, poor performance, and numerous other occurrences. (533) However, following terminations, HR professionals and managers may be faced with wrongful termination claims and lawsuits. (532) Termination Procedure Dismissal of an employee can be problematic. The following practices can make it less difficult: (1) Review evidence: The disciplining Manager, that manager’s superior, and an HR representative should review the documentation and make the final determination. (2) Select a neutral location: Termination should occur in a neutral location, not in the supervisor/manager’s office.(3)Conduct the termination meeting: The HR representative and/or the manager informs the employee of the reason for the termination. The manager, and the HR representative should remain professional and calm, not be apologetic or demeaning. (4) Have HR discuss termination benefits: The HR representative explains the employee’s final payroll and benefits. A specific letter can serve as evidence that the employee was notified of the termination decision and details of those rights. (5) Escort the employee from the building: This phase is controversial. The goal is to ensure that the employee, who is likely to be upset, is removed from the premises quickly without obvious conflicts or concerns about security. (6) Notify the department staff: The manager notifies the
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Termination - Termination Causes for termination Other...

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