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Week 4 Discussion Notes

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Training is the process whereby people acquire capabilities to perform jobs. Training provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their present job. (p 250) Motivation: A person’s desire to learn training content, referred to as “motivation to learn”, is influenced by multiple factors. For example, differences in gender and ethnicity and the resulting experiences may affect the motivation of adult learners. The student’s motivational level also may be influence by the instructor’s motivation and ability, friends’ encouragement, and the training methods used.31 Regardless of what the motivation is, without it, the student will not learn the material. (p 264) Individual Motivation and Management Implications: The desire within a person causing that person to act is called motivation . People usually act to reach a goal, which means that motivation is a goal – directed drive that seldem occurs in a void. The words need, want, desire, and drive are all similar to motive , from which the word motivation is derived. Approaches to understanding motivation, and details on different approaches can be found in various organizational behavior textbooks. Motivation is complex and individualized, and managerial strategies and tactics must be broad – based to address the motivation concerns of individuals at work. Factors that can inhibit motivation and work performance include a worker’s capacities and determination to get work done regardless of difficulties. 18 For instance, with a poor – performing employee, managers must determine whether inadequate individual behavior is due to employee deficiencies, inconsistent reward policies, or low desire for the rewards offered. (p 157) By having supportive supervisors and managers who serve as mentors, concerns about motivations can be better addressed with employees. Understanding motivation is important because employee engagement can affect both
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Week 4 Discussion Notes - Training is the process whereby...

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