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Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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WK4_DQ_PhillipsL We are asked to pick three solutions from five. The three that I choose is Termination, Demotion, and Training a new skill. Each is listed separately and includes strengths, weaknesses, and a policy I would recommend for future use. I have also included a list of assumptions since the case information is so vague. Assumptions not given in case: The new technology will save the company money by eliminating the clerical department. Warnings have been sent out to the long standing employees regarding their lack of adaption to the new technology. Not all clerical staff is going to be terminated; the ones that are kept will be the long – term employees. Other long – term employees (not clerical) are not adapting to the new technology. Termination: Termination of employees at The Rutledge Company has already been decided by the organization. With the new technology, the clerical staff is no longer needed by the company. “The completion of the rollout will primarily affect the clerical staff. It is the company’s objective to eliminate the majority of these individuals”. There are some strengths and weakness to termination. Strengths are the new technology will reduce the company’s cost by eliminating the clerical department. Once the downsizing is down, the resulting company will be stronger and more
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WK4 discussion post - WK4_DQ_PhillipsL We are asked to pick...

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