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Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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HRMG3001/MGMT3003 Human Resource Management Final HR Portfolio Evaluation Form Student Name: ______________________________ Date: ___________ Component of Analysis (Total of 200 points possible) Points Possible Points Earned Introduction and Background Situation (Purpose of Paper, pertinent facts, issues of concern) 20.0 Problem Identification Possible standards Definition of problem 20.0 Identification of Cause of Problem Internal & external environmental factors Use the question syndrome approach to identify root causes. Hypothesis test selected root causes with related course concepts and theories 20.0 Alternative Solutions/Approaches for the Issue
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Unformatted text preview: • Alternatives (3 alternatives preferred) • Advantages and Disadvantages of each • Avoid assumptions 20.0 Final Recommendation • Select one solution/approach from the alternatives • Justify the choice (why is this the best?) 20.0 Implementation Plan • Preparation, timing, and communication of new policy or program (brief) 20.0 Mechanics and Quality of Writing (writing flow, grammar, paper format, spelling, APA style) 40.0 Outside Research: Citations and Reference Page ( Quantity & Quality of Sources , APA Style ) 40.0 Total Points Earned 200.0 Comments: Ver. 7.30.07...
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