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Running head: WILLOW RUN SCHOOL DISTRICT INCENTIVE PLANS 1 Willow Run School District Incentive Plans Final HR Application Project By: Lisa Phillips Class: Date: February 18, 2012 Walden University
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WILLOW RUN SCHOOL DISTRICT INCENTIVE PLANS 2 Abstract: Willow Run School District is facing a deficit and the incentive program for teachers, principals, and staff members are declining. The motivation of the district is declining and our graduation rate and enrollment rate is showing this. With two different incentive plans aimed at principals, teaches, staff members, and students could correct this problem. The implementation of an award ceremony that celebrates the dedication of all staff members is to start in the following year. This allows everyone a fair chance to make a noticeable contribution to the school district. With gainsharing our school department will be functioning better. Both of these incentive plans will bring back the motivation Willow Run seems to have lost. This will create a profit, better graduation rate, and larger enrollment rates.
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WILLOW RUN SCHOOL DISTRICT INCENTIVE PLANS 3 Introduction: Incentive plans can be used as a motivation tool in any organizations. Public school systems each have accepted some incentive plans when it comes to students. One example comes from Willow Run School District, if a student earns all A’s they are put on the Honor Roll system and given a special privilege. These privileges can range from a movie day to a field trip to Cedar Point. These are good incentive for students to get goods grades but what about teachers, principals, and other staff members. Studies show that incentives can help organizations reach certain goals by motivating the employees. If the school where to direct some incentive towards their staff members could the district rise out of the deficit they are facing? This paper will analyze the incentive problem, identify certain standards, describe alternative solutions, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions, the implementing of the plans, follow up procedures, and a conclusion as to which plan is the best. Analyze the problem: Incentive plans are used to motivate staff members to reach a certain goal or achievements. As our economic situation continues to get worst in Michigan, public school systems are taking a blow from financial help involving the state. Teachers are being paid less and expected to work more, with little to no recognition for their efforts. “Teachers, however, say they do their part to help students, but are not acknowledged by the board for the contributions that they make” (Ericson, 2008). The only incentive plan in place by the state legislation is early retirement for long term teachers. “The Michigan Legislature passed the incentive package in May in an effort to save hundreds of millions of dollars in operating costs in teacher salaries. The plan increased pension benefits for teachers who retired between July 1 and Sept. 1, aiming to get older, higher-paid teachers to retire to make way for younger, cheaper
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