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HRMG3001/MGMT 3003 Managing labor relations is an integral part of the Human Resources function. Practitioners may find themselves facing union solicitations, negotiations, and disbands in the workplace. The subject of this week’s debate encompasses an evaluation of the actions of a company whose objective is to bust the union and the union’s response to the negotiations. As with any argument, there are three sides – the perspective of the employer, the perspective of the union, and that of the arbitrator. For this case, each side will need to conduct the appropriate research to defend its position. The arbitrator team will need to be familiar with the roles, processes and criteria arbitrators use to reach their decisions. All sources must be properly cited. We will use Nkomo 97. Case - The Give Back: A Case of Union Busting – page 279 - as the foundation for the team debate. Though many people may have personal views on the matter, the purpose of the case is to participate in a healthy debate no matter what your personal sentiments. The quality of the work will be judged on the
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