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Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Group Discussion Response #2 1. Evaluate the Merits of each side’s position: Have they clearly presented their case? “One major advantage to hiring replacement workers is it allows for production to keep going” (Group B). Both groups A and B reference that the hiring of replacement workers while union is on strike was a good idea for the company. This allowed the company to keep production at 30 percent, instead of lower than 30 percent with the strike ongoing. When assuming that the firm’s goal is to break the union, group A had a week argument for the advantages. The best advantage group A has is “in breaking the union is that union workers are paid at a higher wage and benefits paid to these union workers can be costly over time. Only by breaking the union can the company concentrate on the compaction”. Group B points out that “breaking the union, the occurrence of a strike drop dramatically. The disassembly of the union also allows management to deal with individuals”. These are two great advantages of the breakup of this union. Personal Note: Personally there are a few more advantages to disassembling of the union in this factory. Since other nonunion plants where running at full capacity, the dismemberment of the union in this factory would also allow the plant to run at full capacity. Since the current production is at 30
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