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RUNNING HEAD: Group F Arbitrators 1 Group F Arbitrators Case 99 The Give Back: A Case of Union Busting By: Lisa Phillips, Javier Rodriguez, Charles Williams Class: HRMG-3001-3/MGMT-3003-3 Human Resource Management Instructor: Sandra White Date: February 26 th 2012 Walden Univeristy
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Group F Arbitrators 2 Evaluation of Each Sides Merits: The Company: Groups A and B where assigned the position of the company. As each group present different answers to the questions that where asked. Both groups A and B reference that the hiring of replacement workers while union is on strike was a good idea for the company. This allowed the company to keep production at 30 percent, instead of lower than 30 percent with the strike ongoing. With the combination of group A and B’s answers they have clearly presented a good case. The discussion over advantages of breaking up the union was best described by group B. The decision to break a union can have positive outcomes for the company, and group B list two of them. The occurrence of strikes would decrease dramatically, and the fact that management will deal with the employees on a more personal level. These are two extremely important advantages to the disassembling of the current union. The Union:
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Group F paper - RUNNING HEAD Group F Arbitrators Group F Arbitrators Case 99 The Give Back A Case of Union Busting By Lisa Phillips Javier

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