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team b

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Wk6_DQ_Team B William Linville Antonio Medina Rodolfo Lumague Teams A and B – You will take the side of the employer who is attempting to bust the union. Teams work separately. Use these questions to present your position: 1. What are the pros of the firm’s strategy of hiring replacement workers? One major advantage to hiring replacement workers is it allows for production to keep going. If the company did not hire replacement workers, the Bailey tire plant will be operating at less than 30 percent of capacity till negotiations are settled (Nkomo & Myron D Fottler, 2010, p. 280). This will lead to lower profits in the short run as well as the long run, which really leaves the company as well as the employees in a lose- lose situation, but, “By temporarily replacing union workers, the small company can generate some revenue while negotiations with the union continue. Some of the factory's economic pressure has been lifted, allowing both sides to approach the negotiating table on equal term (howstuffworks.com). 2. Assuming the firm’s goal is to break the union, what are the advantages of this strategy? “One of union representation's greatest advantages can also be one of its main disadvantages: the ability to engage in economic strikes.” mackinac.org. As what happened to the North American Tire plant in Bailey, the strike caused operation to decrease to as little 30 percent of capacity. By breaking the union, the occurrence of a strike drop dramatically. The disassembly of the union also allows management to deal with individuals; “Individual agreements between employees
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team b - Wk6_DQ_Team B William Linville Antonio Medina...

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