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Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Unformatted text preview: Team C Members Elva Gaile Sohail Chounhan William Faith Ryan Vaubel Team C will take the position of the union who is demanding increased wages and job protection. Present its case based on the questions in The Team Debate guidelines. Do not use the questions in the Nkomo text. 1. What are the cons of the firms strategy of hiring replacement workers? Hiring replacement workers during the strike offers a disadvantage with having to train new employees on the necessary jobs. The time it takes to properly train these new employees is time that is continually be wasted and production is not being met, deadline is not being met, causing a loss in sales and possibly clients. Another disadvantage is that replacement workers cannot replace permanent workers, so if a permanent worker decides to come to worker they have to honor that permanent workers original position. Now the company has two people to do the same job. Also with replacement workers, they know that with negotiations they know their position is job....
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TeamC Debate - Team C Members Elva Gaile Sohail Chounhan...

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