The Toughest Job a Manager Can Face

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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The Toughest Job a Manager Can Face! Mathis and Jackson (2003) discuss the “Positive Discipline Approach” that provides a framework for “fact- finding and guidance to encourage desirable behaviors rather than using penalties to discourage undesirable behaviors” (2003, p. 534). The major reason that these steps are recommended is to ensure that the employee has been informed that there is a problem and given an opportunity to correct or modify his/her performance. Our authors define discipline “as a form of training that enforces organizational rules” (p. 533). After careful investigation and review of all the circumstances, we may find that we have no choice, but to terminate an employee. This is the toughest job a supervisor ever has to face. For many reasons, we will make sure that the employee is being treated fairly . ..and most important, being treated consistently with the way others have been dealt with in similar situations. We have the concern of potential legal liabilities, yes. We also need to be concerned about the potential of conflict or workplace violence. When we convey consequences that are not what a person wants to hear, we can expect that strong emotions may erupt. First, we need to recognize that anger is the healthiest reaction to a perceived hurt. Not showing anger can be dangerous can be a dangerous sign. The rare person who does not express his or her feelings and remains stoic in such situations where anger is to be expected is a greater concern than those who convey anger by crying or shouting profanity. Do supervisors try to avoid people’s anger? Yes. Is shouting and angry behavior socially acceptable? No. But
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The Toughest Job a Manager Can Face - The Toughest Job a...

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