Week 6 Application Notes From Book

Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Week 6 Application Notes 1 Alternative conflict resolution programs, such as peer review panels, are designed to solve problems before they become lawsuits, thereby reducing risk for the employer. p 470 Employers must comply with a variety of federal and state laws when developing and maintaining healthy, safe, and secure workforces and working environments. Under the laws, employers contribute to an insurance fund to compensate employees for injuries received while on the job. These laws usually provide payments to replace wages for injured workers, depending on the amount of time and the wage level. p 471 To implement OSHA regulations, specific standards were established to regulate equipment and working environments. p 475 1. General Duty: The act requires that the employer has a “general duty” to provide safe and healthy working conditions, even in areas where OSHA standards have not been set. Employers who know or reasonably should know of unsafe or unhealthy conditions can be cited for violating the general duty clause. 2. Notification and posters: Employers are required to inform their employees of safety and health standards established by OSHA. Also, OSHA posters must be displayed in prominent locations in workplaces. p 476 Ergonomics is the study and design of the work environment to address physical demands placed on individuals. In a work setting, ergonomics studies look at such factors as fatigue, lighting, tools, equipment layout, and placement of controls. p 477 Employers are generally required to maintain a detailed annual record of the various types of injuries, accidents, and fatalities for inspection by OSHA representative and for submission to the agency. p 479 For instance, it is common to find that many of the worksites at which workers suffered severe injuries or deaths had not been inspected in the previous five years. P 481 A summary of what is known about managing safety effectively and reducing accidents includes the following necessary components: Organizational commitment Policies, discipline, and recordkeeping Training and communication Participation (safety committees) Inspection, investigation, and evaluation p 482 Employers can prevent some accidents by designing machines, equipment, and work areas so that workers who perform potentially dangerous jobs cannot injure themselves and others. Providing safety equipment and guard on machinery, installing emergency switches, installing safety rails, keeping aisles clear, and installing adequate ventilation, lighting,
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Week 6 Application Notes From Book - Week 6 Application...

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