Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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WK6 DQ GROUP A Bruce Byson, Jackie Cooper, Takis Sheats, Carlos Vargos, Kathy Winkelman 1. What are the pros of the firm’s strategy of hiring replacement workers? Hiring replacement workers has two key advantages. Firstly, it allows National Tire to increase production from 30%, the level to which it had fallen because of the strike. If its other nonunion factories are working at full capacity and the company saw fit to purchase an additional manufacturer in Mexico, then it is likely that the company is experiencing high levels of demand and requires a higher level of production. In addition, the fact that National Tire had no difficulty hiring replacement workers despite low unemployment supports the company’s claim that the wages offered were well above average for the area. In the long run if they do not hire replacements, production will suffer which will have some long-term production effects on the company (Silverstri, 2012). 2. Assuming the firm’s goal is to break the union, what are the advantages of this strategy? From the company’s perspective, there are advantages to eliminating the union. In a union shop, employees typically receive higher wages and more benefits, and unions are able to limit certain company practices. This cuts into profits.
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WK6 DQ GROUP A - WK6 DQ GROUP A Bruce Byson Jackie Cooper...

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