Human Resource Management (Available Titles Coursemate)

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Week 6 Application 1 Wk6_APP_PhillipsL: Assumptions: Belcher Manufacturing Company did not keep detailed records of various types of injuries, accidents, and fatalities in the workplace. Belcher Manufacturing Company is pressuring inspectors by either incentives or intimidation (loss of job) to complete their jobs in less time. Monitoring at Belcher Manufacturing Company is not up to OSHA standards. Jury Decision: Based on information presented in this case, our findings are for the Plaintiff. Belcher Manufacturing Company is 100 percent reliable for the death of William Carlson. The two reasons for our findings are as follows: 1. Thomas King, defense attorney with the company for 12 years, has knowledge of health and safety standards. “Employers are generally required to maintain a detailed annual record of the various types of injuries, accidents, and fatalities for inspection by OSHA representative and for submission to the agency” . Since papers where not submitted into evidence, they were not properly kept. Our decision is based on one accident; however it would have been a benefit to the company to present other evidence supporting their safe work environment. “Without records, an employer cannot track its safety performance, compare benchmarks against other employers, and may
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