CPsexualdysfunction - muliple sclerosis or neurological...

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SEXUAL DISFUNCTIONS CheckPoint-Sexual Disfunctions University of Phoenix PSY/265
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SEXUAL DISFUNCTIONS An orgasmic disorder effects both men and women alike. It is more common amoung the females than the males. The orgasmic disorder includes, 1) female orgasmic disorder, 2) male orgasmic disorder, and 3) premature ejaculation. When it comes to women, an orgasmic disorder may be diagnosed is an orgasm has not been reached during sexual intercourse due to sexual guilt or performance anxiety. When it comes to males, an orgasmic disorder could be caused by physical problems such as
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Unformatted text preview: muliple sclerosis or neurological damage that interferes with neural control of ejactulation. It could also be a cause of certain types of drugs, perscription or street drugs. Other problems could be from psychological factores, including performance anxiety, sexual guilt, and hostility toward the partner. The treatments that are requiered for orgasmic disorders would be to seek proffesional help to determin if this is actually what is the cause of the problem. They might also want to start hormon therapy if needed....
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CPsexualdysfunction - muliple sclerosis or neurological...

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