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CLIMATE CHANGE PROPOSAL Climate Change Proposal University of Phoenix Sci/245
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Over the last century, climate change has become one of the greatest threats facing the world. There is overwhelming scientific consensus that the increasing global temperature and the variable weather condition are closely related to the increase of greenhouse gases. In order to tackle the issue of climate change effectively, the Kyoto Protocol has been established. However, the rate of climate change is beyond prediction and the adverse impacts of climate change are increasingly serious. Besides, the debate about the main cause of climate change is significant. As the main driver of climate change is difficult to identify, countries face the challenge to formulate practical strategies to reduce greenhouse gases. This report will define climate change and explore what is the main driver of climate change as well as focus on climate change response. Climate change is characterized as observed increase in global average temperature of the earth. Climate is totally different from weather. Weather is the state of atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, wind and rain (CCIR-NYC 2005, p. 1). However, climate is a region’s weather patterns in a relatively long period (CCIR-NYC 2005, p. 1). The CCIR-NYC (2005, p. 1) claims that the variations of the state of climate on space and time are the dominant features of climate change. It is reported that global average temperature has increased by 0.74 over the last 100 years (CSIRO 2009, p. 1). Whether human activity or the natural processes is the main contributing factor of climate change has become a controversial issue. The IPCC asserts that the primary cause of climate change is human activities. There is a consensus
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sci245ClimateChangeProposal - CLIMATE CHANGE PROPOSAL...

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