TRUSS PROJECT DISCRIPTION - Individual Analysis Project Due...

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Individual Analysis Project Due All project deliverables are due by 6:30 PM on Wednesday, March 21. Grades Grades will be assigned based on the submitted drawing (50%) and analysis (50%) packages. The analysis package will be graded on 1) following the rules of the project and 2) relative rank among your competitors (classmates). This is a competition and grades will be assigned in descending order from the most successful to the least. ‘Most successful’ in this case is the design that follows the rules and is capable of supporting the largest load (ties go to the lightest structure). Projects handed in late will be accepted up to a week late and will count half credit. As the deadline is 6:30 PM and the printers will likely be busy (not to mention the ever present possibility of them running out of paper or not working entirely), I suggest showing up to class with everything already printed so that only last minute details and the project’s final assembly need be completed. Another thing to consider is a method to fasten your submittal as I don’t typically carry a stapler or paper clips. Deliverables Cover Sheet –name, date and project name if there is one Drawing package – part drawing of each unique part, assembly drawing including part number callouts (balloons) and associated parts list. Produce a landscape A-size format as described on the inside cover of the drafting manual and use this consistently on each drawing sheet. Detail dimensions for each part are required. Detail parts such that all dimensions required to make each part should be displayed in such a way that no arithmetic is required to determine overall lengths or diameters. Analysis package – All the calculations used to get the final version of your project. This does not need to contain all of the iterations and case studies used to get to the final version unless you would like. If you do include this iterative information make sure to separate the version that is reflected in the drawing package so that it is easy to find and follow. Provide a short
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TRUSS PROJECT DISCRIPTION - Individual Analysis Project Due...

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