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Homework Set #6 1. Problem # P6.105 of Fluid Mechanics by White (5 th edition) [3.46 MPa] The system in Fig. P6.105 consists of 1200 m of 5 cm cast iron pipe, two 45 0 and four 90 0 flanged long-radius elbows, a fully open flanged globe valve, and a sharp exit into a reservoir. If the elevation at point 1 is 400 m, what gage pressure is required at point 1 to deliver 0.005 m
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Unformatted text preview: 3 /s of water at 20 o C into the reservoir? 2. Fit the following data with an exponential model, power equation, and a parabola. X Y 0.05 550 0.4 750 0.8 1000 1.2 1400 1.6 2000 2.0 2700 2.4 3750...
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