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Unformatted text preview: REE 6930 Extra Credit Lecture Form Your Name:___________ ___________________ Video Lecture:_________Casey Cummings______________ Paragraph summary of the lecture: Casey Cummings, President of Ram Development Company, is lecturing about real estate investment decisions in a “brave new world”. Brave New World • Not really all that new • Old rules will prevail • Risk will be priced into investments (again) • CMBS (down from $230B +/- to virtually 0) • Securitization may occur, but issuers will retain risk • Values are virtually unknowable today Cummings declares that what’s really behind the current credit crisis is that transactions are down and there is no quick fix for this. Over time, the market will return to it’s pre-boom state. Evidence of economic improvement will be in the form of job creation, and as such, Cummings is most concerned about what it is going to take to restart the job market. In particular, without jobs and without job growth, it is hard to assess whether there is a need for new space, and if...
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