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REE 6930 Extra Credit Lecture Form Your Name:_____________ ____________________ Video Lecture:___________Craig Ustler__________________ Paragraph summary of the lecture: Craig Ustler, UF alumnus and owner of Ustler Development, Inc., is lecturing on the benefits of urbanism. His take is that the “American Dream” has changed, and people no longer want that Leave It to Beaver or Brady Bunch lifestyle by living sprawled out in the suburbs at the end of a cul-de-sac. Instead, people now want the type of lifestyle depicted in shows like Seinfeld, Friends, and Sex in the City – big city living. The market now demands communities that are commercially, socially, and financially sustainable. People don’t just want things that are single use anymore. Rather, they would like to have everything right outside their front door. This is prompting a move away from the drivable suburb and dependence on automobiles. Even the banks are starting to realize this trend. They realize that living in an urban planned community will allow individuals to live
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