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REE 6930 Extra Credit Lecture Form Your Name:_________ _____________________ Video Lecture:______Dale Dignum_____________________ Paragraph summary of the lecture: Dale Dignum is a returning UF alumnus who is a guest lecturer at the University. He graduated in the 1970’s, when UF was one of only four universities to offer a degree in Real Estate. Dignum entered the Real Estate profession during a recessionary period similar to the one we are in now. He begins this lecture by explaining how he, personally, chose Real Estate as a career and goes on to tell his winding journey through many different jobs within the Real Estate field before he ended up in his current position as a Commercial Construction Lender. During the second half of his lecture he describes the typical profile of what he believes makes a good commercial lender. He also discusses some of the merits and risks he believes are part of the profession. Though not as risky as a field in developing (which seems to be the choice of
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