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REE 6930 Extra Credit Lecture Form Your Name:___________ ___________________ Video Lecture:_________Jacques Gordon______________ Paragraph summary of the lecture: Jacques Gordon is the Global Strategist for LaSalle Investment Management (they are in 30 countries as an investor and 60 countries as a provider), and manages nearly $40B of real estate and capital. Their corporate style is very ethical and they aim to do things very transparently. His area of expertise is the investment management of pension fund endowments, and increasingly 401k plans and mutual funds. Gordon is lecturing on the globalization of real estate. The industry used to be local, but now has become international because any one of many aspects such as finance, tenants or the final product could be international in origin. This means that all students hoping to enter the real estate field, even if their aspirations are to remain in Florida, should open their eyes to international real estate. Further real estate investment is a
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