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Nathan Collier - REE 6930 Extra Credit Lecture Form Your...

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Unformatted text preview: REE 6930 Extra Credit Lecture Form Your Name:_____________ ____________________ Video Lecture:___________Nathan Collier__________________ Paragraph summary of the lecture: Nathan Collier, a UF alumnus, built The Collier Companies and also works under the Paradigm Group in Gainesville, FL. Collier is lecturing about how he got started in Real Estate. He bought his first unit in December 1972, while still in college, and by the year 2008 had acquired nearly 10,000 units in over 38 different communities throughout Florida and in Norman, Oklahoma. To this day, he still retains a 70% ownership in each of those units. Collier found his first major acquisition through an ad in the Gainesville Sun, and developed what later became the area of Gainesville known as College Park. His second major acquisition was College Manor (also in Gainesville). This he acquired through a special financing deal with the seller: he was given 90 days to find financing for 75% of the purchase price, and then the seller agreed to put up the...
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