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Mindersoft_Case_Team 720 - MinderSoft, Inc. 1) MinderSoft...

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MinderSoft, Inc. 1) MinderSoft appears to be a company with significant upside potential. MinderSoft’s five planned product lines were user specific and tailored to individual customers’ needs, making customer attrition less likely. Two of their product lines, HomeMinder and CarMinder, already had major national sponsors in Lowe’s and Jiffy Lube. MinderSoft’s GrowthMinder product line appears to have significant potential as it specifically targets customers based on personal needs that may arise at different stages of child development. The ability for the site to capture information throughout a child’s development encouraged continued use due to the creation of a “baby book” on the site. MinderSoft has a significant competitive advantage over similar companies in that they are early to the market and already have national sponsors. Customers and sponsors will become accustomed to MinderSoft’s offerings with all information located in one place which will deter end users and sponsors from changing services. Additionally, as more people utilize their services, MinderSoft can refine their product lines to improve the targeting and reminder services. The growing database of customers combined with the minimal distribution fee for services should provide significant growth opportunities for the company.
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MinderSoft’s management team also has a proven track record in both database marketing and computer-product development in multiple industries which is an additional asset to the company, its customers and investors. While MinderSoft appears to have considerable advantages and strengths, internet businesses are highly volatile. In the late 1990’s, this technology is unproven and can make some people nervous about providing personalized information on the internet. Additionally, MinderSoft is early into this market, and if they do not secure other national
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Mindersoft_Case_Team 720 - MinderSoft, Inc. 1) MinderSoft...

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