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Customer Delight37 - I1MBAS12 Individual Assignment 3 The...

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I1MBAS12 Individual Assignment 3 The holiday shopping season officially kicked off on November 25, a day known as Black Friday because of the plethora of sales offered by retailers. After reading countless circulars provided by these merchants, I decided to focus my evaluation on one of the largest markets these retailers target – electronics. Specifically, I chose to compare shopping experiences at a Best Buy store versus through the company’s website, Website Features is a comprehensive and user-friendly website that offers customers a wide variety of electronic s, appliances, and accessories for purchase. Like all websites, it provides customers with a convenient shopping experience by allowing users to access and to make purchases from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the website is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, which ensures that customers never have to wait to make their purchases. Upon visiting the site, users begin their search to find and purchase merchandise by navigating to a specific product category. There are many options for refining this search that will assist the user in narrowing down the number of products the site displays. When choosing between two items, the user has the option to do a comparison of the products’ features to aid them in selecting the optimum product. After selecting the desired item, the user is taken to a page where they can view images and detailed manufacturer information about the product. Since many of the manufacturers’ specifications about electronic products are very technical, the site offers a glossary to help users understand these descriptions. Users can also read customer reviews of the product on this page to help advise them prior to making a purchase. Further, on this page the website will recommend accessories to complement the product, like any necessary cables or batteries the product might need. If they have any additional questions, the user can review information posted in forums or call a help
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Customer Delight37 - I1MBAS12 Individual Assignment 3 The...

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