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I1MBAS12 Movie Assignment – Part 1 1. Why is the 918th Bomb Group in trouble? The 918 th Bomb Group is a troop of misfit soldiers. Separately, each man seems to be a good individual but not a very good soldier, most likely due to a lack of discipline within the Group. This lack of discipline has manifested itself in the troop identifying itself as “unlucky”. Unfortunately, this has become a self-fulfilling prophecy as the 918 th lost 5 out of 21 crews in one day, which was more than any other Group. 2. What are some cues that tell you this? What do they tell you? A radio announcer who broadcasts the heavy losses the Group has suffered, verbally articulates the Bomb Group’s troubles. The origin of these troubles is the competence level of the Group as well as their self-confidence level. Their competence is questionable, as evidenced by the casualties they have suffered, their mistakes (i.e. the mistake made by the Navigator), and their lack of respect for their commander (they do
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