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Movie Assignment - Part 225

Movie Assignment - Part 225 - I1MBAS12 Movie Assignment...

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I1MBAS12 Movie Assignment – Part 2 1. When did General Savage change his leadership style? General Savage changed his leadership style immediately upon entering the camp. He goes from relaxed in a meadow leaning against his car, to chastising the gate patrol for not checking his credentials before permitting him entry. 2. What was his initial style when he took command... describe his behaviors. When Savage first took command, his leadership style was very dictatorial and rigidly strict. Upon first entering the camp, he chastises and even demotes people. In addition, he issues a warrant for Ben Gately’s arrest and then proceeds to demoralize him. 3. Why did he treat Major Stovall differently from the rest of the group? Major Stovall backed up Savage’s decisions, provided him with advice, and served as a confidante. Therefore, Savage treated him more like a friend than a subordinate. 4. What is the purpose of the practice missions?
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