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I1MBAS12 Movie Assignment – Part 3 1. What are some indicators of Savage’s success? As the Group’s missions start to become more successful, the audience begins to realize General Savage’s success with the Group. We see that they are now hitting their targets, so much so, that soldiers are stowing away on planes so that they can participate in these successful missions. Also, they are listening and following orders from their leader, which is surely contributing to their success. Finally, Ben Gately flew an operation with a broken back, which was demonstrative of both his and the Group’s newfound dedication to their leader and their missions. 2. Why did he break? Savage began feeling personally responsible for his men. He was putting too much pressure on himself to make them successful and to make them good soldiers. When he witnesses firsthand his Air Exec’s plane blow up during a mission, it visibly affected him. The loss ends up being the breaking point for Savage, and we realize that Savage has
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