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I1MBAS12 The Mach Scale And Your Power Motive Throughout my entire life, I have been a leader. From my school days when I never followed but always led my classmates, to the present day when I am more apt to lead a team at my company than to be a mere participant. I believe that over this period of time, I have matured into a participative, initiating, and considerate leader (which was further reinforced by my scores on the Kurt Lewin and Ohio State surveys). Therefore, I was not surprised to find out my F-score was a 2.967, indicating I am a “liberal airhead”. Most of the results of the test were expected (i.e. I would definitely classify myself as moderately conventional and having low authoritarian aggression) whereas some other findings were quite a surprise. The test scored me mid-to-high in destructiveness/cynicism as well as in power/toughness. Both of these results were unexpected, as I view myself to be an optimistic person with egalitarian values. Taking the Mach-scale test provided further insight into my leadership style.
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