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Paediatric Orthopaedic Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario Team 7
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Background and Summary of Clinic Processes The Paediatric Orthopaedic Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario (the “Clinic”) is a clinic that provides treatment and examinations for children suffering from bone trauma to new and follow-up patients. The Clinic is open Monday through Wednesday from 8:30am through 1:00pm. On average, the Clinic sees 80 total patients per day. When a patient first arrives at the Clinic, they check in at the front desk. Three clerks manage this patient registration process. After the patient is registered, they sit in the waiting area while one of three nurses reviews any medical documents provided by the patient. Patients are then sent to the Radiology department, where they wait for an X-ray room to become available. Although there are six technicians and six X-ray rooms, only two-thirds of the Radiology department’s total time during the Clinic’s hours can be spent on the Clinic’s patients. After any necessary machine adjustments, the X-ray is taken, developed, and reviewed by one of three available radiologists. The patient then returns to the Clinic where they wait for an examination room. One nurse is responsible for filing the recently developed X- rays and directing patients to the exam rooms. Patients are then placed in the exam rooms as they become available, and wait for the doctor to perform the exam. A surgeon, assisted by one senior resident, will examine all new patients and any returning patients with complications. A second senior resident will examine all other patients. After the examination, patients are released. The attached Exhibit 1 provides a detailed process flow. Because of recent concerns about the long period of time most patients spent in the Clinic, the decision was made to analyze this process further. Patient and staff questionnaires were handed out to gather feedback on Clinic processing times. The data revealed that the staff’s estimation on how long a process should take was significantly lower, on average, than the time each patient felt they spent in the Clinic. Your Clinic patients also provided some negative feedback regarding the time spent in the Clinic. The results warranted further analysis of the data.
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