Tribute Speech - Tribute Speech Introduction A Fellow...

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Tribute Speech Introduction A. Fellow workers, I just got news unfortunate that Mr. George Washington Vanderbilt has passed away at age 51. As you know the family is at his house in Washington, D.C. Mr. Vanderbilt suddenly developed appendicitis and after the surgery his heart failed. B. Lets remember Mr. Vanderbilt as the remarkable man he was. C. He came from an extremely wealthy family, passionate about enjoying life, and was down to earth. Body: A. George Washington Vanderbilt History a. Mr. Vanderbilt was born on November 14, 1862. His parents were William Henry and Maria Louisa Vanderbilt. He was the eighth son and the youngest child. b. As we obviously know the Vanderbilt’s are extremely wealthy from the steamboats, railroads, and various business enterprises that Mr. Vanderbilt’s grandfather started and his father William continued. c. Growing up Mr. Vanderbilt was quiet and intelligent but showed little interest in the family business and enjoyed learning, traveling and leisure activates. d. Though he did not go to college he read all the time and had a true passion for reading. e. While traveling to Ashville, North Carolina Mr. Vanderbilt fell in love with the mountains and breathtaking scenery. So in 1889, Mr. Vanderbilt starting building his new summer home and our new home,
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Tribute Speech - Tribute Speech Introduction A Fellow...

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