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DATE: February 14, 2012 TO: Jim Everson, Resources Coordinator FROM: Isabelle Brown, Training Coordinator SUBJECT: Network and Internet Books While attending the Southern Computer Technology Conference earlier this month, I discovered several excellent network and Internet security reference books. Two of these reference books , Managing Network Security by Douglas Baker (published by Evergreen Publishing House) and Network Management by Geraldine Kingston (published by Bonari & Jenkins), I would like you to order and make available in the business section of the library. Both books retail for
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Unformatted text preview: approximately $35. If you have enough in your budget, please order two copies of each book. Two other reference books , Internet Security by Jeong Pak (published by Meridian Publishers) and Protecting and Securing Data by Glenn Rowan (published by Canon Beach Publishing), I would like you to order for the technical support team training that will take place in April. I will need 15 copies of Internet Security and 20 copies of Protecting and Securing Data . JW C02-A02-BookMemo.docx...
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