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BUYING A HANDHELD COMPUTER In recent years, the popularity of handheld computers has ballooned, particularly among mobile workers and others who want computer access anytime, anywhere. Depending on the specific model, these lightweight, pocket-sized computers that fit in the palm of a hand offer a range of features, including an appointment book, notepad, calculator, and calendar. Some are Web-enabled, allowing users to access information online and send and receive email; some also are preloaded with basic applications software, including word processing and spreadsheet programs. If you are in the market for a handheld computer, consider these guidelines to narrow the choices: Decide how much you are willing to pay. Prices range from less than $100 to about $1,200, depending on the type of handheld computer and the features it offers. Determine which applications you want to run on your computer . Read available literature and talk with other users to get their opinions and suggestions. For business
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