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C04-A04-JWBetaTestAgrmnt - all right title and interest to...

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BETA TESTING AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between Stylus Enterprises (“SE”), and ______________________ (“Licensee”) having a principal place of business located at __________________________________. In consideration of the mutual covenants and premises herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows: SE grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Software on a single computer at Licensee's business location solely for beta testing and internal use until ________________, 20__ at which time the Software and all copies shall be returned to SE. In consideration for receiving a copy of the Software for testing, Licensee agrees to serve as a beta testing site for the Software and will notify SE of all problems and ideas for enhancements that come to Licensee's attention during the period of this Agreement, and hereby assigns to SE
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Unformatted text preview: all right, title and interest to such enhancements and all property rights therein including without limitation all patent, copyright, trade secret, mask work, trademark, moral right or other intellectual property rights. Licensee agrees that Software includes valuable trade secrets and is the sole property of SE. Licensee agrees to treat Software as confidential and will not without the express written authorization of SE demonstrate, copy, sell, or market Software to any third party. This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and of the State of California. Any notice required by this Agreement shall be given by prepaid, first class, certified mail, return receipt requested. Stylus Enterprises: Licensee: __________________________________ __________________________________ Name Name...
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